With a fire in their bones and curiosity in their souls, Josh & Rachel White pioneered the idea of Makers in 2020.

A writer, futurist, and artist, Josh believes in a bright future, and our ability to build it together. His whole reason of being to create a space for people to experience fullness in their lives. You can see some of Josh's recent work here.

Josh & Rachel are complete opposites, yet you can't deny that they were designed for each other. Rachel loves the warm sunny beach, while Josh loves the cold foggy mountains. Rachel makes a mean latte, and Josh drinks his coffee black. You'll hear Rachel listening to country music every now and then, and Josh thinks Radiohead is still relevant.

They may be total opposites, but where they really come together as one is when they talk about what it means to build a life born out of belonging for all people, curiosity about our place in this world, and what it means to find fullness in your life.