Makers first started as a local church community. Our first gathering was in January 2021. On Easter Sunday in 2022, Josh gave the last sermon at Makers.

Since then, we've become a decentralized community that is focused on helping others explore their spirituality through deep relationships and community service.

Our story continues with curiosity; is it possible for a faith community to exist that believes in radical inclusivity, is deeply rooted in the ancient message of Jesus, and lives it out with new a imagination?

That curiosity leas us to continue Makers.

For the last 13 years (also, his entire adult existence) Josh was a pastor in the local church. On Easter Sunday in 2022, Josh gave his last sermon as a pastor at Makers.  Since then, his main work has been focused on working with people who are deconstructing their faith. His main work at Makers is around our OMEGA program, but Josh also is a certified Spiritual Director, and works with various people 1:1 navigating their spirituality.

A storyteller, artist, creator and teacher, Josh believes that the future of Christianity in the world is bright, but it’s our responsibility to tell the story properly. He’s also a podcaster, a filmmaker, and content creator. You can find more of his work here. He also is the founder of Heretic Coffee Co, a non-profit coffee shop in Portland, Oregon.

Josh has two certifications in Spiritual Direction, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Theopoetics and Theological Imagination.