We are a community who is finding a full life and building a better world.
Makers is Jesus-centered community for believers, skeptics, and everyone who's a little bit of both. We're a community who explores our spirituality, values radical inclusivity, and is deeply connected to the city we love.


The story of humanity begins with us being created in the image of The Creator, and the Scriptures end with an invitation in making all things new. Our name is a call back to both the Creation poem and the participating in the renewal of all things. 

We see life as a wonderful, mysterious, unique design that can shape and form both the present and the future. We are everyday, common people who want to play their part in the Jesus-story. Makers is not just brick and mortar, an actual space, or event; it is a place where our souls discover Jesus, and where humanity creates a loving relationship with our Creator. 

Whether prodigals or prodigies, deconstructed or deeply-rooted, rebels or rejects, God’s arms are open to all, and the table at Makers is wide open.




To begin with, we’re a Jesus-centered community. We are deeply rooted in the message of Jesus as it points us to what it means to be fully human and how to participate in the work of the Kingdom here on earth.

We see the love of God to be bigger, wider, more inclusive, and filled with more wonder than any of us can imagine. Because of that love, we practice the same rhythms Jesus lived by: a life of presence, beauty, belonging, grace and peace.

Before we do anything, we ask ourselves, "is Jesus at the center of this?”


The first word in the Bible about humanity is that we bear the image of God, and it's followed with God saying "it is good." This is our starting point with every person we meet.

We believe in original human goodness, and we pursue a wide open door for everyone, always. We practice radical inclusivity in race, sexual identity, and belief. We believe that all of you can fully belong; your identity, your hangups, your past, your beliefs, your beauty and your complexity.

Before we do anything, we ask ourselves "Does this allow everyone a seat at the table, all the time?


The Scriptures tell us stories about entire nations traveling through the wilderness. And many times, new worlds, new futures, and new ways of being fully-human were found in the wild.

We're committed to walking into the unknown to find more than the status-quo and mundane. Everything we do is an experiment, and we are always looking for  a bolder way to live our lives. We see the future as a path un-paved, and we choose to participate in paving a new world for all of us.

Before we do anything, we ask ourselves, "are we choosing the wild?"


We believe that a new world is on the other side of a collective imagination. For us, curiosity is the engine behind our beliefs. We fully embrace the "gray space" of The Bible, Jesus, God, and the belief systems that surround it all. Because we embrace the unknown, you'll find that we ask more questions than give answers. We are deeply interested in the-thing-under-the-thing, and the journey to find the depth and substance in all parts of our human experience first starts with curiosity.

Before we do anything, we ask ourselves, "are we staying curious about what is happening here?"


Madeline Engle once said, "You are an artist at work, and your life is a work of art."

Art is the universal language that moves the world forward. It's one of the few areas in our society where people can share an experience even if they see the world in radically different ways.

Art also encourages us to cherish intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and to search constantly for new ideas; artists aim to break rules and find unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues. We not only make art that is good, but does good.

Before we do anything, we ask ourselves, "is this a movement of creativity?"


We strive to do our part to restore the world to a state that more fully reflects God’s wholeness, peace, and justice. A bold, beautiful future is worth fighting for, and we utilize both generosity and justice to build a better world. Building the future is hard work and flows from the heart. For us, justice is not just a lofty abstract ideal, but also earthy and practical. The idea of building a better future is all of ours, and is a continual process for the larger good of the human family.

Before we do anything, we ask ourselves, "is this building a better future for all people and all things?"


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